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ZF Factory is a local manufacturer in Guangzhou.

Relying on the advantages of local people and nearly a decade of network, ZF Factory quickly grasped the Pei shopping mall. In those years, all the goods of the large factories were not directly left in the mall, and it was necessary to release them to regular customers through ZF.

The severe crackdown in Guangzhou before and after the 2008 Olympics made several large factories anxious every day. That year, ZF was the only one in the high-end market.

Assuming I tell you that the boss of ZF is born in the 1980s, you won't trust him. What he himself admires the most is his work attitude. Every time a new accessory is added, he secretly asks us about the color and standard deviation from the genuine product. Every time, we must have a genuine product table. This independent mold making energy may benefit from his previous work experience in the v5 factory.

Every watch produced by ZF can be said to be a work of conscience, except for the frequently popular and impeccable case, which is constantly dedicated to operation. Nowadays, except for the minimalist Poto Fino, most of the watches are produced by ZF nationwide, and other factories cannot forget the dust. The Universal Seven Day Chain and Portugal have already crossed N factories.

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